Hyro The Hero – We Believe feat. David Draiman

We Believe – Hyro The Hero feat. David Draiman Lyrics Letra:

Ease up off that bitter talk
Y’all people just full of shit
Scared of the battlefield
You internet activist
Social network soldier
YouTube revolutionary
Never in the action
You just provide the commentary
Real soldiers died laying in a cemetery
Families cry just doing what is necessary
Let’s end the violence that we facing
Stand up and take your places

Chorus 2x
So what can I believe in
This world is so deceiving
So who can I believe in
The devils or the demons
So if u cant decide open your eyes
When we did we become so uncivilized

They dropping Bombs over landmass
Bodies buried in the sand
Nations have weapons pointed at the continents
Living in a land of fear
People searchin for messiah
Put are faith in fairy tales let’s start revolutionizing
Teardrops and closed caskets
I’m losing patients
Pop a bottle take a pill
Keep em medicAted
Wake em up with education.
Stand up up and take your places

I don’t know what to believe
They plot and scheme
Are they friends are enemies
They full of rage and jealousy
it’s suffocating I cannot breath
I can’t breath

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