Icewear Vezzo – Old English

Old English Lyrics
Icewear Vezzo – Old English Lyrics

That bitch smooth right here, Reddi
(Give me my drink, one cup, nigga)
I’ma just talk on this motherfucker then, I ain’t even really, nah, alright
(Roll the weed up, I just wanna smell that shit)

Rovers, Benzes (Yeah), this a trap dance (Woo)
Dick hard, took a honey, tryna get a lap dance (Hah)
A yellow Chinese Perky, now I feel like Jack Chan (Like Jackie)
We got rich from selling drop, but we still get the fap in (We still)
Yeah, pop a Tesla, I feel like moonwalkin’ (Woo)
Stick pokin’ out my shirt, so I don’t move often (Uh-uh)
This G6 got mе rollin’ like a blue dolphin (Rollin’)
Took him shoppin’ up at Swansons, they got nеw coffins (Baow)
When you out here ballin’, they gon’ come for you (They gon’ come for you)
A multimillion dollar grind, ho, I ain’t comfortable (Not at all, bitch)
A whole brick of raw, I’m on the run with two (Skrrt)
I’m finna bust ‘em out the wrapper like a Lunchable (Yeah)
Thirty for a show, I’m gettin’ paid tonight (Yeah)
My bitch bought Birkin just to fill it up with baby wipes (She did)
Disrepect the pape’, I got crazy ice (I got crazy rich)
I just be shittin’ everywhere, they ain’t train me right, yeah (Shittin’ on ‘em)
How the fuck you bad but love a poor nigga? (Like how?)
Bought your bitch new ass and titties, now she go with me, yeah (Now we go together)
I ain’t ever lackin’, I got pole with me (Baow, baow)
Thirty hangin’ out the Glock, look like a door handle (Look like a door handle)
Got that type of money make your ho leave you (Hmm)
Can get a nigga whacked for real because I know people, yeah (I know people)
Stood on all my business, now I’m more peaceful (Stand tall)
Gold forty on my wrist, this ain’t no Old English, nah (This ain’t no Old English)
Fifty thousand dollars for a new Frenchie (Frenchie)
Got my check from “Up the Sco” and bought a new Bentley (For real)
Crack a pint of Quagen, we don’t do Trishy (No)
Ho, I’m a motherfuckin’ boss, what they gon’ do with me? Yeah (What they gon’ do with me?)
Hit 305, LA, I’m finna rain with Ghost (Ghost)
Brand new condo in the ‘burbs, that’s for the Baby Locs (That’s for them Baby niggas)
Richest in my city, I get paid the most (Yeah, I’m rich)
I can tell you ain’t no shit ‘cause you say the most, nigga (Niggas talk too much)
On a private jet, we smokin’ ice pack (Snokin’ ice pack)
Can fuck a nigga baby mama, yeah, I’m like that, ho (I’m the one, ho)
Fell a couple times and I bounced right back (For real)
These niggas happy bein’ broke like they don’t like racks (Niggas goofies)

We just end that motherfucker right there
I’m high as shit
We ain’t doin’, we ain’t doin’ no hooks, no
None of that shit on this shit, Rich Off Pints
Huh, yeah
My nigga Reddi on the beat
Smerf recordin’, you know how we comin’
Drank God

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