Icon for Hire – Curse or Cure

Curse or Cure – Icon for Hire Lyrics Letra:
Oh I swear my emotions are the enemy
Be dead by now if I’d have done what they were telling me
Whisper lies, but they sound like half-truths
Confusing a sick mind isn’t that hard to do

And you say I’m a hopeless case, I’m a hopeless case

I’m afraid I can’t trust myself, myself
Don’t leave me alone
How you want me to fix myself, myself,
All I’ve ever known, I’ve ever known
How can I separate
Me from the remedy?
I can’t be sure, be sure
Am I the curse or the cure?

Oh it’s more than a little maddening
got me second guessing everything that’s happening
I think, I think I’m in over my head
the more I think about it, the worse that it gets

All I see are all my flaws
I see is all I’m not
I’m not senseless
I won’t separate this heart
to make it what you want
you can’t tell me anymore
Curse or cure

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