idontknowjeffery – No Ones Iller Than Me

No Ones Iller Than Me – idontknowjeffery Lyrics Letra:
Nigga think shit sweet
For that I bought a ticket and a meet and greet (yo)
Pushed a fan smacked the pen up out his hand
Stuck his ass twice by myself I fucked up he thirty deep
Got my ass beat, thrown out on the streets (yo)
Still left with a bitch she like my bloody teeth (uh)
Bitch think she sweet alright so for that I make her buy the food and drinks when I pick out shit to eat (uh)

Memphis Tennessee, I got a lot of tendencies
Nigga think we weak nigga we finna see
Nigga think she won’t let me hit we finna see (yea)
Send my bitch to link with him she spilled the tea
Bitch think she sweet bitch I’m sugar free
How I’m free I went out on a killing spree
Honestly its nobody iller than me (no)
I’m glad I’m slept on she still asleep (uh)

Nigga think shit sweet he don’t know that I’m low fat
Just joined the chop shop hid your hell cat
I turn your charger to a drop-top
Nigga you can get car jacked (yo)
Police found out where I parked the car at but they don’t know where the car parts at (no)
Bitch think shit sweet bitch bittersweet
We ain’t talked in so long she don’t even remember me
Dumped a white bitch she said “are you kidding me?” – nah
Lyrically literally no ones ill as me (uh, Yo)
Memphis Tennessee I got a lot of tendencies
Cheated on my last bitch she voted Hillary didn’t she (yup)
Didn’t he literally break that bitch hard physically (uh)
Doctor from the Philippines he said no ones ill as me
Aight it’s cool shit
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