Verse 1: ILL BILL
Fuck a fight, I’d bite off half the ear
Travel through the air like a deadly virus strangles half the year
Paralyze the planet while Illuminati choir
To carry out the plant with slaver in spite the panic
Up to Annie triple diamond get your pistols out
Trump face baffle net buckle hit the sprout
Cold-head hoodie Champion sound
Bulletproof shoots troops through with adamantium rounds
Sugarfree water let the jello keep
Toasters we focus three tosses up
To meet the sofa plus the heat I’m holdin’
Young fatal fit you fuck the skull spreadal
Then I skatе of you fakin’ the funk
Word to Main Source
The world worship ? god
Put thе charge the person spars
Like a overturned burned car
From the floors he call me young Canarsie
Young Pesci
You need to kill me or arrest me that’s my destiny

Chorus: D.V. Alias Khryst
So what’s my drug of choice
What’ve you got, I don’t go broke and I do it alot (x2)
So what’s my drug of choice
I prefer pop, I don’t go work and I do it alot
So what’s my drug of choice
What’ve you got, I don’t go work and I do it alot
Verse 2: ILL BILL
Oh, check it, yo
God damn it, top savage
Pop magnum to ops with cops’ badges
Hundred but non-stop madness
Truck be heavy ice plus penny Polo
Tuck the uzi F be twice like the Fendi logo
Only go for Gucci list, status diamond rings
500 piece, snatch Rahzel kings
Or go for the ?
I told her I’ll end this war at a tremendous cost
Diamond Ruby snatch a poopy trap a uzi clapper
? been keeping your shooters happy
Illmatic plugs should be like silk fabric
Official pistol patchin’ witches’ magic titties hangin’
Listen, don’t make a fuckin’ jerk outta me
I ain’t give a fuck like Crips they murdered Prodigy
They killed Biggie Smalls and Jam Master Jay
What the fuck is really going on, somebody has to pay
What if Suge Knight and Diddy were the C.I.A
Killed their favorite rappers even gave Eazy AIDS
Scope a tongue, smoky blunt put the smoking gun ?
Either ? a bad shit or holy fuck

Chorus: D.V. Alias Khryst

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