Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) Fremthemukanasatalharajajnabjwalas, Enhansoul, Iron – ENHANSOUL TRIES TO CONVERT MILLZ

Letra “Iron-M.I.C. (eMcee In Control) Fremthemukanasatalharajajnabjwalas, Enhansoul, Iron – ENHANSOUL TRIES TO CONVERT MILLZ” Official Lyrics

Enhansoul tries to convert millz young. It looks like some of the funniest shit you’ll ever see. It’s her on the new language type of time. Speaking greek with no chill. The inside language delivery. Of , this is what we study. Or this is what we say. Okay. We’re going to get into it

Black Moon. Lilith in Aquarius. This means. Lilith in Aquarius lives for freedom. People with this placement are extremely independent and they hate being restrictеd in any way. However, finding balance bеtween their own views and the expectations of their environment is quite challenging. They often feel like they were a stranger in this world, detached from other people

You free enough? You fucking enough? You lying enough? You running enough? You hiding enough? You being phone and corrupted by the cult uh huh. Extremely independent. Step your figures up. Believing in existence in isolated spaces. Sure. The world’s gotta get back to incorporation however. We’ll see how long the free bird routine goes around

I know that’s the fuck right. I see that. Trying to be a fucking fat head with the videos that she watches. Putting other people’s gasoline into her mind. It’s easy to solve your stranger problem you know

Spiritual predecessors. Any indication of the wise? My God. That was the wisest thing I have heard or seen this whoadie write in some time. Oh. So basically you were getting the information via Google. While you were watching the broadcast. Uh huh

What in the fuck is tap into your heart space? AYOOOOOO. It’s the first time yall brought this man over here into this neighborhood and that’s the first thing you say to him? LOLZ. Yall mouths should come with a manual at times


Welcome to a new world. Has to be the cheesiest bullshit of the status. What do you offer people EnhanSoul? What speeches are worlds to live by that you put out? What information can you personally get proactive through or towards to see that it benefits to another human being?

He generally responds that he was searching for the world. Ok bet

Don’t search them out though. Without getting actual evaluations on their characters and status. Statures. Besides saying that we are Gas. I would tell you to be mindful. Not to gas yourself up. Gabrielle. This shit be looking weak on ya. Yo

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