Isomonstrosity – Careful What You Wish For

Letra “Isomonstrosity – Careful What You Wish For” Official Lyrics

[Verse 1: Danny Brown]Thoughts racing, one-track mind
Tripped over a couple hurdles, still made the finish line
Spending time relaying message, talking in circles
Why they sprinting for attention running round with no purpose?
On the track I field keeping them on they heels
Cheap thrill mean nothing if the love ain’t real
Don’t meddle with silver soles cuz i got a heart of gold
With feet made of bronze, i’m a god with no hope
So I write like walking on ice and cleats
Put my life in the lines when I write to the beat
Man this ain’t for defeat this the feat
Like walking barefoot in the street
Sometimes you gotta reach ‘til you hit your peak

[Verse 2: 645AR]Lowkey when I’m riding through the city
[?] they said I’m filthy
I’m bout respect
[?]If my youngest crash out it’s a wreck
[?]I took a one-way
[?] Monday through Sunday
They say they with me
But I know they not
I ain’t with that sucker shit
It’ll get you shot
I came from [?]I ain’t one of these niggas that’s talking about what they had
They say be careful what you wish
I always played my part
[?] since the start
Just live your life cuz you can’t get that back
Started with a penny turning into racks

[Verse 3: johan lenox]Bummer turning into summer
Turn into another
Just a little longer
I’ve been tryna hold out
Gonna hate it when it’s cold out
Be a while, don’t burn out
You ain’t sure and I got no doubt
I’m just staring at my breakfast all-day
Listening to Brahms and Beyonce
Careful what you wish, happy holidays
Careful what you wish for it might just stay this way
That’s okay
Either way

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