Ivo & Lazy – Taking over the word

Letra “Ivo & Lazy – Taking over the word” Official Lyrics

Verse 1 Lazy: Lazy’s Back on a track I’m about to back this but i already know you fuckng trolls wrong with cactus you el Salvadoran maggots don’t need to know what’s up i really don’t give a fuck if you like me fight me I’ll get back up and treasure my name daily nightly I’m confident how americano’s should have stay how real could you be have but you have honestly no fucking clue how reality could be you would students body’s should have been taken by my sisters cell but hopefully I hope that you come out next month now the devil in fires Satan’s hell

Chorus: Lazy
We are taking over the world today still a thing
But today is my place

Verse 2 Ivo: Oh god time to take a break of everything and everyone who is giving me a headache I’ll tell you is not just in time like these we do anything or for everyone

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