Izaya Tiji – Untitled BOOFBOIICY Collaboration*

Letra “Izaya Tiji – Untitled BOOFBOIICY Collaboration*” Official Lyrics


Yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Nigga geeked up (Yeah, yeah)
Yeah, nigga geeked up (Geeked up)
Better get your shit up (Better get your shit up)
a nigga

Eh, shit ain’t new or nothin’ (New or nothin’, new or nothin’)
Huh, nah, this shit ain’t new or nothin’ (New or nothin’)
My baby said she hate them hoes, shit, I hate them hoes too

niggas follow trends, I can’t even do it (Do it, do that)
Yeah, drop a bag on me, nigga, yeah, I’ma slide through it
All the shit I talk about, the nigga really do it (Nigga really do it, I’m on that)
I ain’t fuckin’ influenced, nigga, you can’t influence me (Nigga, you can’t influence me)
I’m trap money influenced to the niggas that influencing (Influenced, that’s influencing)
Swear to God I’m icy but I ain’t got no jewelry (Swear to, but I ain’t got no jewelry)
Niggas swear to God they up but that shit don’t amuse me (Shit don’t amuse me)
If you ain’t talk no fuckin’ money, then that shit confusing (Money, then that shit confusing)
Yeah, it’s obvious as fuck that these niggas losing (Niggas losing)
Yeah, I ain’t goin’ out sad (Yeah, goin’ out sad)
Yeah, I’m runnin’ right through this bag (Right through this bag)
Yeah, I’m swear I’m in love with this cash (With this cash, yeah)

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