Izoki – Out of oxygen

Out of oxygen Lyrics

Intro: Lately I’ve been running (out of) oxygen, been so hesitant, days are repetitive, everyday, every night, there’s no sedative, why do I live? My story to give, sometimes I just can’t take these thoughts anymore, this dream I adore but I can’t seem to go through a simple door, I always want more

Verse 1: I don’t get it, sometimes I feel like I want to quit, anxiety gets to me, I’m a human, I’m not perfect, i got issues too but through everything I got to be ready, stay steady. Just want to medicate when I can’t take it anymore, what do I do, I learn from my mistakes. Just want the family I never had but I guess it wasn’t meant for me, at times I feel empty, just stare at the ceiling blankly, this is coming straight from my life, not an imitation, as a child I never received an invitation, at times I lose motivation, are my creations really worth it? (I don’t know) Each day I learn something new but I always end up taking a wrong turn is there a cure?

Hook: I don’t even know, I don’t even know
I’m running out of air, running out of air
No oxygen, no oxygen
I don’t even know, I don’t even know
I’m running out of air, running out of air
No oxygen, no oxygen
Out of oxygen, out of oxygen

Verse 2: (so many things going through my mind) getting this dream means leaving my loved ones behind. The most valuable thing on this earth, time, can’t waste it, got to keep moving forward, can’t rewind, I’ve been blind, I’ve been trying to help other people when I can’t even help myself, just like a few years ago, I’m still all alone, seeing my parents fight and split in front of me brought chills to my bones, what’s home if you don’t have nobody. Music is what’s keeping my chest beating, it eats me up inside thinking I’ll fail, I’ll say things in jest just to prevail, every breath is blessed even if it feels like a knife to the chest

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