Jacob Collier – Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep

Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep – Jacob Collier
Lyrics, Letra:
She’s ocean wide, canyon deep
From open eyes to twilight sleep
She’s in the sky, beneath my feet

I said to her, “don’t wait for me
I watched you grow, you set me free
Go spread your wings, tell me what you see, you see”

And what I’ll find, you’ll never know
You’ll be far ahead, I’ll be long ago
But I’ll be here even when I go, you know

Unspoken words I long to say
We’ll save them for another day
I wish you light along the way, the way

But if you only take my hand
I know I’ll find you there

Paint a picture of the world you see (what do you see? what do you see?)
Together you and I will always be (always be, always be)
We’ll hold each other as we go around (what do you see? what do you see?)
Whichever universe it is we found

The day is cold, the fire so warm
Gonna take some more to erase the storm
I think of you from dusk till dawn
Till dawn

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