JAE – Don’t Be My Valentine

Don’t Be My Valentine Lyrics

Verse 1:
You don’t wanna be my valentine
Cause I’m kind of broke
I’m not the best looking
And my life is all a joke
I be dealing with anxiety
And struggle with commitment
You can ask my exes
But I’d prefer that you didn’t
If you wanna be my valentine
I won’t get you chocolate
I won’t get you flowers
Unless you really want it
I don’t do cliché
Yeah, I try to refrain
Nah, I’ll get you something different
Instead of going out
I’ll cook something in the kitchen
You’ll be chillin’ on the couch
While I’m doing all the dishes
Doing all the dirty work
Making all yo wishes come true
I was thinking, you could come through (come through)
We can spend the night
Just looking at the stars
Talking bout our future
And who we really are
If you wanna hit the town
Then I’m driving the car (skrt skrt)
My left hand on the wheel
You underneath my arm
I only got $25 for the next week
So baby please don’t ask me
If we going out to eat
Or I’m buying you a necklace
Baby, such a feat
Just isn’t on my checklist
So I guess we stayin’ in
We just watchin Netflix
And we chillin’ like some kids
I won’t front or embellish
You would probably have a better time
With somebody else
Cause I’ll fill up empty time
Talking all about myself
Even though I’m kind of funny
Some would say I’m an asshole
I just wanna tell you
Before you goin’ down that road
Let me save you the trouble
Let me save you some time
Unless you want to struggle
Don’t be my valentine

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