Jahvillani – Heavy Weight

Heavy Weight – Jahvillani Lyrics Letra:
Yo, Blaze
Coviciously COVID

Yeah, mi get more head dan hairdresser (Hmm)
Heavy weight hustlin’ inna di mere weather (Money)
Yeah, mi love e K, mek e place trimmer
But mi stay inna di front wid e A letter
When mi tek di street, mi bring bay shella
We nuh tek defeat, guh check tape measure
Mi style have yo confused like Cape Genna
Yuh tek peer pressure, now yuh deh face pressure
Pussy K ladder buss face and a tare sweater (Pow)
Mi love e 9x but e choppa way betta
How yuh fi war wid a tutty eight special?
When e K dem a wave, yuh a bay metal
Yuh nuh waan see yuh bitch inna mi DM, bredda
Wus when mi deh fuck it pon e BM leather
She bring a fren, two a dem gimme bay header
Man a pave setter wile cyaan tame neva
Run out di 4×5, watch e ball game (Watch yah)
90s a carry grain weh deh fall rain
Bad from small days inna all age (Primary)
Fuck gyal, buss gun, jack off all trade
Drive out round town, tap a arcade (Weh)
Mi money fresh e nuh fulla dog ears
Gyal pum pum a drip pon mi Clarks suede
Waan mi give har di steel like hardware
Livin’ like Zambada Garcia
Wi mek money like Zara Nautica
Mi ancestors been a run off di block
Long before time guh pon alminock
Wi call di shots, dem choose fi call di cops
She waan di God an’ him nuh waan see dat
Mi blast di Glock, headshot yuh rass idiot (Pow)
Hot up dem enz like a party spot
Shub out di Crown, high speed chase (Voop)
Pon e toll wid e Chinese K (Yeah)
Mi fuck yuh gyal, dat a my mistake (Sorry)
But she seh di God sweet like ice cream cake (Hmm)
Bwoy see wi and ah hide him face
From yuh run up pon wi killa dat a live mistake
Common big yaad have hisis ways
Guh fi any bwoy inna dem abiding place
Him inna white shirt (Wah?) mi get e live intel
See dem tru di bird eye pixel
Run dung pon bwoi wid e shine fifth gen
Man a run up and dung like children
Fling ten inna him head an’ bines him fren
Copper itch up inna skull like styling jell
Will I go to Heaven or die in Hell?
Gwaan guh ask di clock ‘cah time will tell
Hmm-hmm, Government
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