Jakprogresso – Creep Van

Letra “Jakprogresso – Creep Van” Official Lyrics


What the fuck, ten with a tengent bubble, you know, yo


I punch heads off like Jason on a rooftop in Manhattan, I car bomb a bandwagon, hang the Grand Dragon
Swingin’ ‘em out it rains make the land flatten, torture devices handcrafting, slam casket
Brave caps left decorated, with hatchets on it, gats are wholeless, my CD look better when crack is on it (word)
Acid tronic, the ratchet like Lil’ Bow Wow’s grill (why?), it got scratches on it (shit)
It’ll take a fluid ounce and Earl Grey leaves to smoke out Haiti in the hole like the cave beat
Six feet deep I choke out daisies, acid shot in a mouth like a Jonestown baby
Each bar of dust is sick kid, duck and suckin’ bitch shit, Earth slam Jupiter into suns extinguished
The drip on Christ’s rib gash, pixelated like Bitmaps, so much slippet acid, I wear a swim cap
Last trip gave me whiplash, I got wheel tear in a gurney wearin’ mittens and a spit mask
Black curtains, white room (word), lawnmower through a hype room, red paint over a black Bible
Smite you, too many bars send a kite through (word), I write like I’m about to lose my sight soon (yeah)
I destroy ‘em all, every time I drop a EP I piss shit off like feces at toilet walls (damn)
Name me a 5, Alpha or Beta type, I smoke your favorite icon in a circle like native pipes, sexual sadist I came to fight… (Oh shit, wait, yo…)

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