Jakprogresso – Dab Dopolis

Letra “Jakprogresso – Dab Dopolis” Official Lyrics


Your Majesty, God once saved me from a lion, he will save us from this felicity. (I’m embalming shit…)
Very well, you may bite him if you wish… (Yeah bro, die original…)


Yo, ayo, bars are, Cocaine Kumar, face like Jafar, behavior bizarre
I know a witch poser with chest scars (word), who cut up lines with Tarot cards and used a pinky talon to split cigars
That’s probably something I already said, feel like I’m already dead, woke up like these herbs already lead
Word I’m a legend I guess but the dabs don’t get me fed, in my head I cliqued up with some sketchy friends
No small wave I’m a server’s dream, dark energy surgeon meat at the market high like I just recovered from surgery (woah)
I make the jaded fans again, shotguns and paint buckets in front of canvases, beg grapes and fan by nymphs
Island guttocks is handin’ gifts, mad prints if I’m far off lands skin smell like bergamont mandarin
Sociopaths dance, marry to this, I murder a suburban family then, do the Jerry Lewis…
The first three expeditions left Earth in a mushroom of flame, out through the atmosphere and finally windled to tiny specks in the big eye of Mount Calamar Telescope, and then were lost to (inaudible)…
Yo, yo, up all night, choppin’ tracks violin, the sky shaded of violet tint (wow), watchin’ the school of co-sign pilot fish
Sit inside and sign a letter, Anti Your Bars, high as ever, roll thick logs like Psi Omega
Every good artist is vain (ahem), clears his throat, every narcissist thinks they’re the shit until the mirror’s broke (word)
It’s facts factual and a factor, there’s more rappers that aren’t fans more than there are fans of rappers
I’m not a gangster or a clapper (nah), I’m an anarchist, not a hacker, I’m the whole entire cast of Slackers
Evolve evolution invoke crowd, everybody I ever looked up to in rap, I will smoke now, wow now, wow wow wow, reached out bruh..

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