Jakprogresso – Home Base

Letra “Jakprogresso – Home Base” Official Lyrics


This is much more important than facts and figures, what kids should know is, illegal drugs are bad news, don’t mess with them…
(Inaudible!) Lemme tell you (inaudible)…

Yeah I don’t mean to ruin the vibe here, yeah, Progresso, Fatal Dose shit, rap, rap, yo, hmm


This popscreen got terpenes in it, my breathe controlled out of a monk meditating underwater by a temple for 30 minutes
Fry 30 Christians, blessed by the Gods, the blessing was then used by Devils to cursed me with it
I’m too nervous, like Tesla, right towards the end in that New York hotel ordering room service
Sold dope in the booth working (word), it’s like I got a mouth fulla syringes juggling two spoons burning
The truth will soon surface, fuck these gas stations I’m full service mega lobe of room circus
One foot out the casket the rest of me half in, I’m not sayin’ everybody trash I’m, sayin’ they trash-ish
Kickin’ down trash lids, instructions to set a pipe bomb off in traffic, kinda look like my tracklist
Wrote this in the back of a bomb threat, I don’t wanna write a love song, sonic, no I don’t wanna do concepts (word)
I’m not a Comicon head, I don’t hate every rapper, nah, not yet (word), head off a Smog breathe



I don’t work in terms of conscious messages, I can’t do that, it has to be something that I’m revealing to myself while I’m doing it which means that while I’m doing it I don’t know exactly what’s about, you said that-that the courage or to take that chance you know, what’s gonna come out, what’s comin’ out of this

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