Jakprogresso – Put This in Your Silverware

Letra “Jakprogresso – Put This in Your Silverware” Official Lyrics


Oh no go nuts, oh no steady nee fault, I think I’m going to faint!

Yeah pour me soup me putty, liquid shit, lysergic headband, tinfoil gi on, Base Camp 3, the doctor symphony (victory, equitry…), yo, yo


Trippy tripped, then tripped out, before any rap pseudonym (fuck that), this is Magus Grim at the Dark Energy Judo gym
No pentacles, no crosses, no witch wheels with charts, whatever’s real fuck a realist, come steal this art
Fuck who the potted realist are, most got fear of star, drug rap pioneers are narcs
Pale horse, raid in a county cell for stealin’ cars, semi-woke shit, both lids blinkin’ over mirror shards
You can get cloned by a whole decade, off of a blood test, bar specialize in cuttin’, sentences of blood sets
I’m barefoot, walk over a pound of plush hesh, and bust it down into 20 sacks (what?), that’s dubstep (oh)
New gonzo pay only button knuckle up at punch ends (huh?), what is this noise, who cares, why rap
I already got somethin’ avoid, knife to my wrist blindfolded, what is the point
Reflux sludge up from Hell, flow sluggish tortoise with a slug on its shell, at my funeral, with a tux on his shell…



Mix this set up like kingin, you know what I’m sayin’, like thi-this-this is that shit! Ha!

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