Jakprogresso – Terpene Terrapin

Letra “Jakprogresso – Terpene Terrapin” Official Lyrics

Yo, yo, I don’t know much about block crap, but I’ll smoke the rappers who bought those tickets to go see Rock next
God’s threat, body of man with ox head, I punch lines that stuck knives in the nine ends (wait hold up…)
This scene pluck with fans, I still leave shoes like leaf cutter ants
Bible pages ablunt the verse flames, a weedhead, I leaves out severed eight
Fans (fans) give me pills like a nurse aid, flick letters short for drugs that’s wordplay
Dab Dopolis stab blocks in the terpenes (damn), lay down some dark shit like a cursed place
Get jumped in your crib Happy Birthday, I don’t care if you have mad tapes and shirts made
This guy’s been stoned since the third grade!
I’m seein’ things, I think it might be because of these drugs the army put me on, but if you could uh just get me well enough to get back to base!
I have one question for you, can you attend my class? It is for your own good, and if you can make it, I can make you!
Hood smashed…
Had to drop new shit (what?), two bipolar kids, every four bars that’s manic quadruplets
Colonoscopy lenses peep deep shit (ew), I stomp aseismic plates who are deep dish
Sesh of lines like a fiend’s sniff, got rappers all seizin’, look like I got hired to clean fish
Hydraulic skinning machines for the sheepish, five enemies deep in, everything greenish (wow)
Why even be this (yeah), now everyone vein get slit, streamin’…



Lord seein’ ‘em doin’ that, whistle, everybody out of the pool, that’s it, everybody, get out, get out, get out, get out, everybody

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