Jakprogresso – Two Four the Base

Letra “Jakprogresso – Two Four the Base” Official Lyrics


Now you got-you got-you got white coke, you got off-beige coke uhuh (off-white?), you know what I’m sayin’ off-white you know what I’m sayin’, I can make that shit off white, you know what I’m sayin’, hard-white, uh pink, you know what I’m sayin’ anything I wanna…


Two four the base….. (x6)

Verse 1:

Ayo, this Nerd Rap for those who pasty (who?), loud packin’ the lease, the geek, I eat Microdots like sprees
Been around the rot, I guess I’m Flea (uh…), just constructing PVC pipe bombs beneath, my parents’ crib make me a dweeb
Or visit, the repetitive manic EPs, petty, hangin’ in there, like Epstein
I’mma chip off the old speed, yeep by the mic, queue up peef by the sides (yeah), Syd hit, ride the bike, lick trilobite, in a cut spit iodine (ah wow…)
Two diagonical afterburners equipped side by side, shit, how high am I, pen melt, the blow eggshell, lickin’ wet gels, cider bars to ends melt
Mountain breeze, not about some sleep, now countin’ Z’s on the couch, countin’ Z’s…


Chorus (x6)

Verse 2:

Ayo, I pollinate bio-habitat destruct (yo), hazmat lean cup, sapped in the mud
Wet on lizard skin, mimic daytime face painted, Aladdin Sane like, eyes blinking like two vape rights
Exo-tissue cellophane like proto-atype bile in the pen, tighter than a crack fetus in a crystal stem
Santeria spread, through voodoo I’ll have a suitor sent, new car fresh crime got my bedroom, smelling light…


Be careful, this is the most dangerous moment!

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