Jani Liimatainen – The Music Box

The Music Box – Jani Liimatainen – Letra Lyrics

He’s still waiting for the morning
As he sits there in the dark
He is tired and he’s hurting
But he’s still alright to smile

Though he’s broken he’s still breathing
And he’s not planning to give up
For he’s travelled far too long now
Just to fall one step from the finish line

Time after time
He played the same old song
With his one and only friend, the music box
That melody
Worn and tattered, torn and battered
Still so beautiful

He was fighting for wrong reasons
And in the end he was left with only pain
The dust had landed, war was over
All was lost and nothing gained

It’s not easy to seize the moment
When you’re not quite sure where you belong
But the sleeper has now awaken
And he remembers everything
The melody, the song he used to sing

The answer lies within
He’s tried so many times and Lord knows
That we love to see our heroes fall
The nights have grown so long
The beggar’s crown grew heavier
As the days they wore him down

Tired old man with his heart in hand remembers
The sound that he once loved
The music box is still his sole companion
Though fractured and broken
For so long he has lived a lie, but no more
He won’t be remembered
As someone who he never wished to be
And this tired old man is me

He puts his coat on, takes one last look
Shuts the door and walks away
So turn the lights on, close the curtain
The clown has left the stage

Sun’s still shining, children laughing
You could think that really nothing’s changed
But look closer, in the corner
An empty chair and on the table
Playing alone the wooden music box

My sole companion
For so long I have lived a lie, but no more
So please remember

The tired old man with his heart in hand has now gone
The sound that I once loved
My music box still playing in the dark

Letras “Jani Liimatainen – The Music Box” Official Lyrics

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