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JayDaYoungan – Body Bags

Body Bags – JayDaYoungan Lyrics, Letra:
I been starin’ out the window, I got so much shit on my plate
They been askin’, ”Where is Jay?” I think it’s time that I escape
And I know this niggas too fake, and I know that they two-faced
Oh, I can’t fault them, that shit what happened too fake
I don’t wanna face so I can relate, and this shit crazy, this shit crazy
I got so much I have a baby with my baby, she drive me crazy
And this shit crazy as the lean that I’m sippin’, got me lazy
And I go through so much pain, that’s the reason that I’m faded
And they ain’t want me to star, want me to fly, want me to quit
And I came up from the block, runnin’ from cops and the bricks
And when I see someone on top, what I got I cherish it
I done seen and did a lot but I won’t gossip ‘bout this shit
I got blood all on that money, blood all on my fingertips
Crazy how fame and the money could broke off all relationships
When you run out of money, that’s when they all disappear
They gon’ start actin’ funny, and talk bout you when you ain’t there
Been through this shit before, so I know
They changed on me but that ain’t right though
Walked in with every chain, now that’s a light show
Hop in a foreign just so I could ride slow
Don’t talk to me right now
Tell all these pussy ass niggas pipe down
Tell all these goofy ass bitches, “You a clown”
Tryna ride my wave, finna round and drown
I’m high as a bitch, and I’m all in the clouds
On my way to the top, so I can’t look down
I was broke as a bitch, but look at me now
This shit is a blessing, I came from the ground
Forever I’m silent, I won’t make a sound
If you a fuck nigga you can’t come around
I remember them days I was sellin’ them pounds
I was stuck in the trap tryna get off an ounce
If I’m hungry I’m puttin’ your face to the ground
I gotta go get it, no waitin’ around
My time ain’t next, we takin’ it now
Can’t run from my problems, I’m facin’ ‘em now
I told all them bitches, “Stop calling my phone”
I all them niggas, “Bitch, leave me alone”
If he see us pressin’, I’m callin’ Jerome
They know I go extra, they know what I’m on
Slangin’ that metal, my nigga, lil’ chrome
You talkin’ shit, we aim at your down
Catch your ass lackin’ when you comin’ home
Catch your ass lackin’ when you comin’ home

Body bags for all my opps and all the bodies drop
Body bags for all my opps and all the bodies drop
Body bags for all my opps, we make their hearts stop
Body bags for all my opps, we make their hearts stop
Body bags for all my opps and all the bodies drop
Body bags for all my opps and all the bodies drop
Body bags for all my opps, we make their hearts stop
Body bags for all my opps, we make their hearts stop
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