Jazmine Sullivan – Precious’ Tale

Precious’ Tale Lyrics

Spoken Words: Precious
To be honest
Money makes me cum
I feel like when I see a man thriving
Out here hustling in many different ways that turns me on more than anything
And I’m not dealing with anyone who does not have money
Because I know my worth
And my childhood plays a big role on this
Me not having stuff as a child
Me wanting more out of life, it plays a big role in this
Growing up that just gave me ambitious
Okay, I’ma get my own, and I’ma be able to stand on my own
But I’m not gonna deal with anyone unless they can contribute to what I’m doing
I’m not about to be seen around being here for no broke nigga
When I know it’s niggas out hеre that’ll cash out on me, sorry

Jazmine Sullivan

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