Nnenna Freelon – Until You Come Back To Me

Letra “Nnenna Freelon – Until You Come Back To Me” Official Lyrics Verse 1 Though you don’t call anymoreI sit and wait in vainI guess I’ll rap on your doorTap on your window pane Chorus I wanna tell you, babyChanges I’ve been going through, missing you‘Til you come back to me that’s what I’m gonna do cujBpY Verse 2 …

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Nnenna Freelon – Superstition

Letra “Nnenna Freelon – Superstition” Official Lyrics Intro Very superstitiousVery superstitious Verse 1 Very superstitiousWriting’s on the wallVery superstitiousLadder’s ‘bout to fallThirteen-month-old babyBroke the looking glassSeven years of bad luckGood things in your past cujBpY Chorus When you believe in thingsYou don’t understandThen you sufferSuperstition ain’t the way Scatting Verse 2 Very …

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