Jercho1 – Loop de Doo

Jercho1 – Loop de Doo Lyrics Letra:
Shoutout to my momma this for u
Shoutout Soulja boy too
Shoutout Shakon and Daqueefs
Yeah their farts smell like beef

Tie my shoe
Bunny ears
Loop de Doo
What it do
In the Stu
Sippin on that Mountain Dew 
Yeah I’m new but
I do what I do
And I’m sick in the booth
Like I’m home with the flu


I was 16 when my mother made me leave
Kicked me out to the streets but that’s all I really need
I believed I could make it in the industry
Now all the girls are into me

Dated this girl in 5th grade
For real tho thought that our future was made
But she left me she, dumped me but she knew that’s her mistake
Now she want me back cuz she knows I’m gettin paid

Shorty came home
With a cat
Threw up on the floor
What was that
Then the frickin’ cat threw up too
Holy heck
What a view

I just farted and I think it was poop
Take off my pants and I eat it like soup
You don’t realize that’s a delicacy
I don’t understand why you yelling at me

Man I don’t eat my vegetables no way
Cause they tasting like some testicles all day
I be playin GTA by the way um
What the frick are testicles

When I go to bed no night light momma said
9:00 But i ain’t puttin’ up a fight
‘Cause you know I got my DS on sight
Play that sucka under covers all night

Pull up in the morning Micky d’s McChicken
Wait a minute did they kill the chicken?
Holy crap, ain’t that murder?
Nah nah yeah I’m finna get a burger
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