Jette-Ives – E~ (2021 Radio Edit)

Letra “Jette-Ives – E~ (2021 Radio Edit)” Official Lyrics

Verse 1

Sitting here
In the bar again
I′m counting your time
And drinking my gin
And thinking: The kind of trouble you’re in is not —
It′s not easily solved
But I’m looking good to you again
So, we’ll see…
What kind of savior I turn out to be
When it′s all said and done
There′s a bottom of the glass
This place has got to close soon
And when it does —

Verse 2

Call the colors muted
And the smiles —
Slipping in and out
Sincere as the smoke
Tell me your troubles once more
Tell me like only you can
I will take notes
I will bend the truth
I will rearrange the facts
I will mend the spaces to suit us both and never think to ask
Why you want me

Verse 3

Well, maybe
Just once
Blowing bubbles in my drink
In a haze of romantic notions:
Foolishly, I sip the potion you handed me
— Grey magic number 5
It slew the brave
And left the rest alive
Why do you want me?
Again, and like this?
A gin-soaked first kiss
And a disillusionment that will hit hard in the morning

Verse 4

There’s a bottom of the glass…
This place has got to close soon
And when it does —
You′ll be the last
(You’ll be the last)

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