Jim Jones – NYC

NYC – Jim Jones Lyrics, Letra:
(New York City, please go easy on me tonight
New York City, please go easy on this heart of mine)
This Rotten Apple
(‘Cause I’m losin’ my lover to) crime wave (the arms of another) uh
(New York City) East side (please go easy on me) (Heatmakerz)
(Crack Music)

[Jim Jones:] Crime and the murder rate, that rose up (It’s hot out)
Every time he got a bird and the crack rose up (Free)
I don’t jog in Central Park, don’t need mistaken identity (Capo)
Watch for the scammers because they takin’ identities (Your pieces hittin’?)
There’s eight million stories on a daily basis (Facts)
Niggas chasin’ dreams or catchin’ scary cases (Gotta lawyer up)
No more pitchin’ to the fiends until they clear the bases (Woo)
I knew niggas that was wired like they wearin’ braces (Check him)
Drug dealers and killers I was on corners with (True)
Even played in the Garden like I was on the Knicks (Swish)
But when I came through Harlem, all type of foreign shit (Serve ‘em fast)
Top off, titties out, nigga, this like a porno flick (Facts)
So I pray for 9/11 in my 911 (Pray for us)
Couple niggas missed some shots, it ain’t my time in Heaven (Missed, nigga)
No due respect but due to these model hoes
I seen niggas lose they soul and, damn, it gets swallowed whole (Silly niggas)
Bitch, you a bottle girl and keep my bottles cold
I came through drippin’ all type of designer clothes (Pray for us)

[Fat Joe:] (New York City, please go easy on me tonight
New York City, please go easy on this heart of mine
‘Cause I’m losin’ my lover to the arms of another)
Faults and mishappens, nigga
(New York City) Bronx, New York (please go easy) Capo (on me)
Gyeah, uh, yo

Since fourteen, I was wavin’ that thing
Had nigga’s doorbells, you called, I let it ring (I let it ring)
Dominicanos uptown they yellin’, “Thot doe”
New York’s Pablo, same lawyer as Chapo
Brand new ass and titties, she can’t wait
Soon as it get hot, call it Thottiana day (Thottiana)
We got accountants to watch the accounts
Coke flowin’ out the fountains, pool drippin’ off the mountains
Got that new work, flood the city with bricks
You call it a chandelier, that Sue Cullen is on my wrist
I been runnin’ it ever since, these niggas is on E
I got ‘em trappin’ out the Air BnB (Coca)
Small time niggas, we are not those guys
Just copped the Ace of Spades, nigga, Costco size
Influenced the hustlers to go cop those pies
My co dead, I’m ‘bout to rock on Live

(New York City, please go easy on me tonight
New York City, please go easy on this heart of mine
‘Cause I’m losin’ my lover to the arms of another
New York City please go easy on me tonight
New York City…)

“It is a number that is almost incomprehensible
Especially when so many of the victims are teenagers
High School graduate of dreams of being an architect is gunned down at an Atlanta apartment complex
Major heartbreak in South L.A. this morning after a teen was shot and killed
The deadly shooting of a teenager at a northeast Miami bus stop
Teenager shot in the head in East Harlem
Shakur was shot four times after leaving the Mike Tyson boxing match in Las Vegas
Los Angeles police are investigating the shooting death of rapper Notorious B.I.G., also known as Biggie Smalls
He was gunned down early today
XXXTentacion has been shot, apparently targeted while shopping for a motorcycle
Fans and neighbors leaving flowers, candles, notes on rapper Mac Miller’s doorstep
Singer, actress Aaliyah is killed in a plane crash
We begin with breaking news at 5 Live from Sky 2, a triple shooting outside a clothing store in Hyde Park
This on the 43rd block of West Slauson Avenue
Now according to the L.A. Times, one of the people shot is rapper Nipsey Hussle
We’re told he was shot multiple times”
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