Joan of the Stockyards – Never Let Them Amputate

Letra “Joan of the Stockyards – Never Let Them Amputate” Official Lyrics

That one there’s naked and starving
She’s mostly stuck in her own thing
You’re just like conscious departing, reborn egg yolk beneath a storks wing
There’s things to which I’m resorting
Some of which I’d rather not say
Each bout of breath she’s deporting from blackened lungs, all

A human corpse with a dog’s leg
Illegal, duct taped and castrated
Before looking glass and choked on what made me that fag that you smoked
And stained red lipstick on the filter
Abstained whiskey limp dick and sheltered
In a white elephant’s thick trunk
The booth was packed with

to fondle with arms, the arms that arm the jungle
Of union youth and chains to dangle
Below a moistness goes a strangle
The singing, ding-a-linging tangle
The ring around the jingle-jangle
He strung along the well hung stung by africanized bumblebees
The birds flown down from trees
The promised fun between the knees
The clueless one asks, what are these? What are those? They’re eggs, they’re hoes
Fickle fuckin’ fakes and foes tumbling towards the lakes in droves
Have all unstuck my water hose
all my fucks, I suppose
With luck, and on my tippy toes
I might receive

I’ll be sure to tell you how it goes so everybody knows
They have at least 15 to blow on games to lame their pains and woes
To lens on cranes and baby clothes
While women sell their clothes to prod their second brains

I reckon the rain will come (Come)

danger some (Some)

gender confusion, once the planes

Dear, dear, just dear, never
Never let them amputate

Relentless or hidden (Hidden!)
Good and bedridden (Bedridden!)
All unforgiven (Unforgiven)
Fall and just give in (Give in)

I feel an itch
Testicles shrunken, genderless punk and ponder your misgivings

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