Joan of the Stockyards – Settlers of Catan

Letra “Joan of the Stockyards – Settlers of Catan” Official Lyrics

[?]I tear out my throat
Your voice is loathed
[?]I’m speechless
Your cunt is a home
To a fetish game of thrones like a dildo
My black cock is made of foam
[?] rolls and rocks and slides in you like feet in socks and
(Gets hard as a [?]) Gets hard as [?]
[?]It’s hard for me to just think about these things, because like
You can get entered
I don’t have to get entered
I enter, everything
And it just is hard to think about that because I love you[?]…
I don’t know why I’m obsessed, I’m not obsessed
I don’t watch those types of movies
How, how would you feel? (Fucking stupid!)

I don’t know how I’m supposed to handle that, I don’t know, cause, like, my imagination [?]I’m being crazy right now
I’m scared of myself, I don’t know
What’s happening to me
I just want you to [?]I-

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