Jody Breeze – Beast Mode Freestyle

Beast Mode Freestyle – Jody Breeze Lyrics Letra:
Pistols out, I’m in beast mode
Ain’t no switchin’ up, that’s the G code
Glock 40 on me with extendo
Still’ll pop a duck, this ain’t no Nintendo
Nigga, so don’t be playing with me, I smoke you like a pre-roll
I bust that bitch until it’s empty then reload
Call me [?], so run and tell Debo that I’ll put holes in his ego, for real
How you gon’ trust if you can’t trust the people that you love
How you gon’ love if you can love the people that you trust
Let that marinate, that’s why I’m dolo everyday
Smokin’ Mary J, supersonic, gettin’ paid
Bitches on my dick I can’t control it
I don’t fuck with niggas I’m too homophobic
Many are called but only a few are chosеn
I was raised by people who walk with Mosеs, so
I pray to God when I’m lonely so he can hold me
I know both of my pops still lookin’ over me so
To all of my opps family I send my condolences
Tryna keep my composure, bitch, I’m a soldier
I thought I already told you
Sorry I ain’t heard of you
But talkin’ bout what you gon’ do to me gon’ make me murder you
Gon’ need more than some surgery
Niggas out here acting like they really Ninjas Turtles but really niggas fertile see
The [?} window openin’, crack your head like coconut
Pull up brand new Rover truck, fuck that bitch I’m over her
What’s wrong with you? What’s wrong with her?
They act like they don’t know what’s up
They know my venom vicious, you know me, Big Lil Jody, bruh
Hah, I spit out cobra stuff, whatevers in my way I step all over stuff
Cross me ain’t no comin’ back, it’s over, yuh
Fuck some friends, they was some haters from the beginnin’ musta been
But mama had her a winner, so I’m supposed to win
Nobody is perfect, so I’m supposed to sin

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