JoJo – What U Need

What U Need – JoJo Lyrics Letra:
Boy I’m really down you can call on me like pronto
Know you owe me one made me wait a long time homie !
Down down can I count on you tomorrow?
What’s it hittin fo’- are we still a go?
lingerie cool but the oversized tee make you act a fool
what you you need, baby what you need
if you squeeze boy i got the juice
with a lil bit of vodka
unpack your childhood traumas
tell me what it is
tell me what it ain’t
tell me why we even bother
Tell me if you need space
Cuz I don’t do shit half-way
You’re gonna lose me that way
Don’t lose me that way

Tell me what you need
Let me know
If it’s love I got that
Got that got that
I know all about that
Tell me what you need

Surfin on a wave
Do you feel the same same same bae
Situations change
Boy I ain’t got time to play these games games
If you want the same same same things
Put a rush on it make it andalé

Baby show me som
Baby show me som
Baby show me som
I want you to take the lead
Give me your emotions
Don’t just tell me anything
Anything to keep me coming back to you
can’t keep chasin your train
can’t keep sippin yo drank
You’re gonna lose me dat way
Don’t lose me dat way

Tell me what you need
Let me know
If it’s love I got that
Got that got that
I know all about that
Just tell me what you need

He say I got a goddess complex
but its facts no flex
turn pm to the am
laid out but we get no rest
great head low stress
come n get blessed
you all in your feels now
say that shit wit yo chest

I know dat you love my ass
there’s more to grab I been cookin
catch me by oven doin lunges whippin up goodness
plant based all vegetables
My taste is impeccable
sex make you confessional
Lil baby

Tell me what you need
Let me know
If it’s love I got that
Got that got that
I know all about that
tell me what U need
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