Jordan Feliz – Glorify ft. Lecrae & Hulvey

Glorify – Jordan Feliz ft. Lecrae & Hulvey Lyrics Letra:
Brace yourself, I’ll take you on a trip down memory lane
It was me, my cousin Ju’ acting a fool, off MLK
Lil Crae, Granny told me Jesus came to save my soul
I just confess and believe and He won’t ever let me go
Now I praise Him (praise Him)
Brought me through the darkest storms, My God is so amazing (‘mazin’)
If you know Him like I do then take your hands and raise ‘em (raise ‘em)
Oh my God, Your Name we glorify, Son of God, looked death in the face
And told it au revoir

Glorify Your name
We came to glorify Your name
That’s why we came
That’s why we came
To lift Your name
Come on and sing (oh)
Glorify Your name

We came to glorify Your name
That’s why we came
Yeah, we were made
To lift Your name
All the church sing (oh)

This my offering (This my offering) , you don’t need a thing when you got Him (Don’t need a thing)
Yeah we got that type of praise that break the walls in (hey!)
I was dead till he pulled me out that coffin
Thank God for them days I was scrubbing in the bathroom (in the bathroom)
Boy, I learned to praise Him just by mopping in the back room (back room)
I knew He was in me when the boss said vacuum (yeah yeah)
Worship cause I want to, not cause i have to
I’m gone

Every day, every day we’re gonna
Glorify, glorify…
Every day, every day we’re gonna
Glorify, glorify
Every day we got a
Reason (Every day, every Day, we’re gonna)
Cause church ain’t only on the weekend
(Glorify, glorify)
Yeah when I get that kinda feelin’ (Every day,
Every day, we’re gonna)
Ooh, I gotta sing

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