Josh DWH – Dedicated To

Letra “Josh DWH – Dedicated To” Official Lyrics


It’s okay to be who you wanna be
They say that easy does it
Why’s that so hard for me?
They always bother me
I know you bet for show
I never hold no grudge
I learned to let it go
It’s only right that i keep a promise i made to self
They invading camps, it ain’t so bad to show your stealth
I really wish you well
I hate to kiss and tell 
I like to take a bitch to heaven, then i give ‘em hell 
See i was in the field, 
I had to learn to yield
I saw a lot of activity
But my lips were sеaled
I stick to certain codes, 
Don’t focus on no hoеs
They tried to run me for my shoes, 
I scare em out they souls
I’m used to humble beginnings cause we ain’t used to winning
So when we go outta country, i do the Gucci linen
I look up to the sky, I notice that I ain’t alone
I put that on my deads
Wish i could call your phone 
I got whatever on it
I barely care for price 
I was brought up on loyalty
Fake shit don’t suffice 
I’m gazing at the stars
My jordans sit with mars
I feel like somebody watching
That’s why I’m switching cars 
I play the cards I’m dealt
I won’t forget the things i felt 
I took 3 tabs of acid
Then i watched my ego melt 
I think that it’s a disservice if you don’t fuel your purpose 
It’s okay to be timid
Embrace the fact you’re nervous 
We only human but sometimes i think i’ll never die 
Everything will be okay, yeah that’s the biggest lie 
You see it only gets tougher, you gotta grow a pair 
Some people look in the mirror & don’t see no one there
I’m like my biggest fan, also a hateful critic 
It’s pitch black i’m smoking weed
The Chronicles of Riddick 
I see what works for me
I got a lot to prove 
I had to lose my Madonna to get into the groove 
I think i’m self indulgent
I know it’s smoke and mirrors 
Sometimes i sit in dead silence to see if someone hear us 
Go grab the polaroid
I think this worth the picture 
Cause ain’t no love in this game, they diss ya then they miss ya
Be that as it may
I sin and barely pray
There ain’t no church in the wild
But i look up to Jay
I barely do the crowds
I float up in the clouds
If you got somebody rooting for you 
Then make them proud 
Cause wasted talent is more than common, just have a heart 
Cause people fear what is never known, and they scared to start 
I read you loud and clear
Say my name and i’ll appear 
I got used to sitting with that pressure
Never wipe no tears 
Cause I won’t let you break me
They used to call me crazy
I felt the power when I noticed ain’t no one gon’ save me 
The job is up to me
This ain’t nobody’s fault 
You leave it up to them, they prolly sooth ya wounds with salt 
I was down, saw them pictures and them vids
My cousin died up in her sleep, but see she left behind a kid 
This dedicated to A’liyah
Just save me a spot in heaven dog
I’ll see ya when i see ya

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