Juice WRLD – Let it go

Letra “Juice WRLD – Let it go” Official Lyrics


Hahahaha, Nick, you’re stupid

Verse 1

My lil’ bitch love Fendi, huh, she Rihanna with that Fenty
My gun full as hell, boy, please don’t make me empty it
Niggas fool as hell boy, they see the real in me
You could catch a shell, boy, fuck nigga don’t tempt me
I let it go, I let it go, just let it go, I let it go
Fuck nigga don’t tempt me, I let it go
I let it go, I let it go, fuck nigga don’t tempt me
She ride like a ten-speed, bad bitch from Miami
Dive in the pussy like ten feet, I was in the cut with a semi
Can’t let a fuck nigga get me
Can’t let a fuck bih’ catch me up
She can still suck me up, yeah
Came in the club with a super-soldier, nigga no G.I. Joe
Feel like a giant around these lil’ ass niggas, nigga no fee-fi-fo
She want to fuck, she want the Henny and vod’, bitch I drunk it all
Just sit back, let me break your back
Just like I break the law, yeah



Verse 2

Blow some hundreds to the bitch inside the bank, yeah, uh
Woke up rich, nigga talkin’ but he can’t, yeah, ayy
Run up, you get hit, that choppa like a snake
I told you that I don’t got time for the snakes, yeah
Run up, you get hit, that choppa break your back, yeah
And that bitch gon’ suck and fuck on our first date, yeah
I’m gon prolly fucking cum all on her face, yeah
Work so hard, I do this shit like every day, yeah
Shoot my shot at every bitch, I fade away, yeah
Don’t got a Glock then I’ma use a razor blade, yeah
Gold in my mouth, my clock, but bitch no Flava Flav, yeah
Get so rich that I can shit up on my ex, yeah
Should’ve thought before you sent that fucking text, yeah
I’m just finna put my dick inside my next, yeah
Fuck her once and then I gotta make an exit, yeah
I’m in the past tense, yeah
Run up, I’m blastin’
I recognize you like nasty
She do the coke off a napkin, uh
You like nappin’, huh, ayy
Nigga you fake as fuck, you be cappin’, yuh, ayy
Like a poetry slam, I be snappin’, hmm, ayy
Niggas be talkin’ shit but what happens to them?
Uh, pull up on him, that gun but what happened?

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