Julian Klincewicz – Pure Michigan

Letra “Julian Klincewicz – Pure Michigan” Official Lyrics



Oh, baby, maybe its 1974
Or 2002, 2016, it’s
Everything in between
Even still
Heaven on earth in a few different ways
The dune grass grows high, 1995
The lake rises towards the corroding shore
Year after year
One thing/wanting, (?)
2 am, come touch my skin, it’s just me
Hours, walks to the great clay pits, midday heat
Come on (?) and sit on the beach
Children with goggles searching for kernoids(?)
Fizzy glass(?) for children’s treasures
Child luck, pure joy, eternity and friends
Big sticks and hands of smaller boys
This land, my land, endless
This grass, my grass, restless

Eternal delicacy
Unbridled imagination
This hill, my hill, my post, my station
Welcome to vacation
The storm rolls in with thick wet air
(Thunder electricity moves hectic dig)
Up the hill and through the gate
And the whole world pauses trepidly(?)
And we all think
As dawn cracks into daybreak
As the bridge games fold in night’s wake
As the candy passed out gets eaten the
As the young children, reluctant, “reluctant”, begin dreaming


As clumsy lovers start their kissing
As the world knows not what its missing
As the mothers give their blessings and
As the boys get into trouble
The thunder rumbles and the train horn cuts through the night
Like butter knife like the lighthouse where you and I
Just two ships passing in the night

Lightning cracks again, electric, and
“This is pure Michigan.”

Bonfires at night
Our joie de vivre
And lust for life
Little stars in jammed jars
And loud men with hot cigars
And the big dipper dips to its dawn
And you and I, wine drunk on the shore
Blue jeans and sneakers filled with sand

Poetry and philosophy and the song that never ends
And “If I died now, I’d die happy.”

Years go by and days all melt together
This must be the endless summer!
BMX bikes
And long orange train tracks
And kids smoking candy cigarettes
And sneaking into the old hotel
Spooked ecstatic
Wills elastic (?)
Board games and boring movies
And the rain falls hard and loud
The living room’s overbrimming with kids stealing money in Monopoly

Oh baby, baby
“There’s a storm a-brewing.”

Humid air, heavy air
And the thunder rolls in
And the waves start churning
White caps
Hands clasped
I won’t refuse, just ask

Green grass and asphalt black roads that turn to
Dirt roads with potholes that we feel on bike rides
Through evenings with the promises of
Blue moon ice cream from the pumpernickel in just down the street
And these streets tree lined wind
From small town to small town
Up the hill to buy the fruit from the fruit stand
“Jackson’s fruit stand, the promised land”
Just before the
Ice cream store where wood smiles (?)
The wood where all you think is (?)
This is pure Michigan

“Oh, this is pure Michigan.”

Evening falls with consequence
Tomato soup, dill and rice and bobsh’s (?) bread
And dinner around two tables, bent to hug her for attention(?)
Cake tin
Generational distress coming to your head
Scarred by sin and scarred “marked by imperfections”
Families fighting and praying and staying up late
An old green van drives drunk into the night
A circle of prayer
Guides it to the light

“Kiss me, come, kiss me, you mean the whole world to me, the whole world.”
You mean everything to me
“Come kiss me.”

Summer’s heat and broken glass
Playing the trash(?), the classics on guitar
Meteor showers
Summer crushes
“The song that never ends”
I’ll just run down, take a piss out “Let’s go take a piss out in the ocean”
And pour your dreams out, what’s the rush
And fill me up I swear I’m tough
I’ll be your mirror made of light

“Maybe not now, but soon I’ll be alright”
“And I’ll be your new mirror light”(?)

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