Junko Ohashi – In Your Lovin’

In Your Lovin’

Junko Ohashi

Letra. (Lyrics Music Video)

What i would do if i could hold you
Wishing that now somehow i’d told you

What you do to me
When you set me free
In your lovin’ – Got the feelin’ now
In your lovin’ – Ain’t no changin’ now

What i would do to let you know now
This time i’d never let you go now

I would learn the ways
Oh so amazed
In your lovin’ – Got the feelin’ now
In your lovin’ – Ain’t no changin’ now

Was it only yesterday in the sun
We had the fun of tomorrow ?
Like a fool i ran away from the sun
Leaving the one

Now i see who is just right for me

Now that you’re gone i’m reminiscing
In every dream it’s you i’m kissing

Though you’re far away
Can we find the day
To be together ? – Give it one more chance
Be together – Just one more chance

Baby i’m giving love please take it
Oh what a feeling i can’t shake it

What you do to me
When you set me free
In your lovin’ – Got the feelin’ now
In your lovin’ – Ain’t no changin’ now

Baby we can make it work out right
Love is in sight for tomorrow
I will hold you when you hurt in the night
Make it right

Can’t you see ?
It will be ecstasy

Close my eyes and count to three
Open wide and there i’ll be
In your lovin’ ecstasy

Got the feelin’ now
Ain’t no changin’ now

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