KA$HDAMI – Joe Biden

Joe Biden Lyrics

Tell my opps we ain’t hiding (You gon’ fuck with this one, Will)
You bitch ass nigas ain’t sliding
I don’t care about you niggas
Woke up feeling like Joe Biden
Got money, just need a bad bitch to come fight it
Boy, I got this Glock so, no, I ain’t fighting
I made six figures from trapping and rhyming
Lot of niggas hating on me, now they dick riding
Now they bitch, riding the tip
And after I fuck, I pass them to the clique
And you know we stay millitant ‘til we gotta stay equipped
But a nigga talk shit, he get shit with the stick
And when I’m in the stu’, just know I’m in my zone
When I call up your boo, she gon’ give me some dome
If he talking too much, I push up to his home
Got his momma outside saying, “Leave him alone”
Sеarching for opps with this mo’fucking chrome, no Google
Thesе niggas be sweet like a poodle
These niggas be tipping, and drawing no doodle
This a skinny ass Drake, look like a pool noodle
Your mans got robbed, but I guess that you knew
My money six-four, nigga, no Goonew
Glock .19 make him disappear, no voodo
This dick make your bitch go crazy, go coo-coo
No puff, if a nigga want smoke, nigga, what’s up?
Put them bands in my coat ‘cause my pockets filled up
Just like a volcano, bitch, I’m going up
Just like a volcano, bitch, I’m going up
Just like a volcano, bitch, I’m going up


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