Kalead – Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu – Kalead Lyrics, Letra:
Girl when I look into your eyes
What I see is paradise
Love of a universal kind
It never dies

Sure as the clouds do fly on high
Birds and the bees they buzz right by
You and I my baby girl
Be forever high.

Won’t you know this much that I love you
Won’t you hold me in your arms
Will you say it too
Oh baby girl oh I feel so high
When we rock and groove
Feel like I known you from before

Verse 2:
Kindred souls we are wrapped in love
As we rock and groove and rub
I know we are sanctioned from above
In a love divine

We kiss and I feel your starlight shine
Oh my darling you are mine
Oh it is written in the stars
Forever high


Verse 3:
She skanking
She grooving
To the rhythm
My baby moving
Forever sure with it
She ma cure legit
To the bass she sway
Like a branch upon the ocean shore
Her heart is ocean pure
She neva play she got it inna overload
She got it right there

She’s my only but
I’m so shy when I’m around you
But my love just cannot hide
When your energy is so true
So just hold me and we’ll fly
To higher views
Past the moon and unto mars
You are my only star


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