KaMillion – Miliana Flow

Letra “KaMillion – Miliana Flow” Official Lyrics

Mildred Miliana

Hoes on my dick like the skin
Homie you know my name you dont fucking know me
I don’t fuck with snake hoes, or fake hoes
I bake hoes, I break hoes

Hmmph, yea I’m really that girl that they talk about in them group texts
They dont like me, wanna fight me
I could give fuck what a bitch think
I got a lot of that shit in the bank
You a bad bitch & you need to be spanked
Why you ain’t tell them the truth?
Remember that time you called me for that aht aht
And i helped you boo
Don’t you know that i fed bitched, i spared bithces
But them bitches ain’t gonna tell you that
They’ll tell you everything under the sun
But them bitch dont never be stating the facts
I’m in the industry but i ain’t no industry bitch
No industry shit, i’m a real ass bitch
I walk in the room and make your whole chemistry switch
Tell your fans you a bitch!
Won’t sell my soul fa no gold like you hoes

Ain’t do it on my back bitch i did it on my toes
He stuck it in his mouth said he love my pretty toes
I got rich pussy like Marilyn Monre
I-I-I got rich pussy like Marilyn Monre
I-I-I don’t need no hands, that’s what I use my tongue for
Ain’t hating on a bitch cuz i’m really having my way
If she tell unshe dont fuck with me it really cuz she can’t
What you bang? Milly gang!
Riding round my city in that pink truck, im too lit
They be sleeping on me like i’m posturepedic
Wake up bitch!
Your fucking hairline receeding !
Dog face bitch, you a roach
You ain’t gettin bread hoe, you just getting toasted
I feel like a compass how i navigate the globe____
This rap shit so fake man yall dont even know
Your favorite rapper just asked me for some cho (damn!)
Just last week you was rapping you was rich (you was rich)
Now you begging on my line for some shit (umm humm)
Bitches put on this persona
Like the living like Madonna
In reality they really ain’t shit (no!)

I heard you ran off on that hair stylist and ain’t pay them (oh my god)
And I heard you ran off on a MUA and ain’t pay her neither (uhh uhhhh)
And I’m just tryin put it together
Like if you so rich then why you running off? (yeaa)
I mean i don’t understand
Yall hoes be moving like yall on that shit
I ain’t taking nothing up my nose but some dick sweetheart

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