KARD – Medication

Medication – KARD Lyrics Letra:
Let me adore you
Like the starlight falling above the sky
Adore you
In a way that makes you wonder if it’s real
Adore me
Like we’re the only two people in the world
That kinda lovin’

Mm Mm
She doesn’t care about Money Fame
She lookin for a man that’s realer, man that’s realer
I sing this song for you, song for you
For you who brightened my dark days aw yeah

When everyone turned their backs to me
Because you were next to me
When my heart was hurting sorely
You who made me pass those days

My medication
My medication
My medication

Tired of the exhausting disdain and criticism surrounding me
Got caught in the headwind and took a step back
The development that made me not kill my fighting spirit
In the sore pain of defeat and just before the frustration
The starting point of my rebirth, your presence gave me hope
Because you found the way, it opened wider again
The success and failure I went through in the past are being put in the back burner
Now to the close future I’m throwing my criticized body

When everything in you starts breaking down
Because I’m next to you
When the tears you tried to hold back well up again
You can lean on me I’m

Your medication
Your medication
Your medication

I’ll be everything you need
I’ll give you trust
I’ll be anyone you need
I’ll give you love
I’ll give you lovin’

When everyone turns their backs to me
When my heart aches sorely
When everything in you starts breaking down
When tears well up Let’s promise
We’ll be the medication
The medication
The medication

The medication
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