Kehlani – Bad News (Quarantine Style)

Bad News (Quarantine Style) – Kehlani Lyrics Letra:
I watched you turn yourself to a made man
All the little things that made you
You can count the ways that I stayed down
Can’t nobody tell me I ain’t true
Take a little time from the wild out
You could slow the time down with me, babe
With me, babe

All I want you to know
Is I care, you best believe I care
You’re out there, don’t wanna be out there
No way, you wanna be right here
Like always, so when I’m here, I make you wanna

Give all that shit up
Make you wanna give all that shit up
Make you wanna spend that time on us
Make you wanna give all that shit up
Make you wanna leave that world behind
Make you wanna see your name on mine
Make you wanna give all that shit up
Make you wanna give all that shit up
All that shit up

Don’t wanna get no call with no bad news
I know all the stories from your tattoos
If they with the shit, then you with that too
If they with the shit, you with the
Oh oh, take your time away from the bullshit
Just be on some cool shit with me, babe
With me, babe (no)

And all I want you to know
Is I’m here, if no one else, I’m here
Right here, I’m never scared, no fear
No way, when you’re with me, you’re safe (oh oh)
Like always, so let it fade and just go ‘head and
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