Kenn Nardi – Blessed Are

Letra “Kenn Nardi – Blessed Are” Official Lyrics

Blessed are the longing
For they will call heaven home
Blessed are the mourning
Soon comfort will long no more

But cursed is the man
Whose words invite conflict and pain
And cursed are the lips
That murmur and spew the same
Woe! unto him and his kind
Ravaging nations
Placating the blind left behind


Blessed are the seeking
Whose hunger will be replete
Blessed in their mercy
In mercy they’re made complete

But cursed is the man
Whose actions can only bring harm
And cursed is the hand
That stokes the fires of war
Woe! unto him and his kind
Savagely stalking
And walking in darkness of mind, Woe!

Blessed is the vision
Which sees with a purer heart
Blessed are the peaceful
Whose kindness is set apart

But cursed is the man
Who welcomes all manner of strife
And cursed is the fool
Who peddles his death with his life
Woe! unto him and unto his kind
Killing, instilling, unwilling to be refined

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