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KING SOL – Bill Gates

KING SOL – Bill Gates

Bill Gates – KING SOL
Lyrics, Letra:
Yeah, one of a kind I say what’s on my mind, uh

I pull up looking like I’m Bill Gates with a backwards hat
Whatchu laughing at? Uh
You rap ‘cause you piss poor and a sack at that
We got the brain of Jimmy Neutron
I’m too on
We finna murder it again but I’m running the game and I’m bringing a coupon, uh

(Verse 1}:
Man it’s so pitiful you pitbulls got the sniffles
I’m running a ripple through all the water that you sprayed
I’m ready to triple any double out here to play
With my finesse in this game and through every song that’s word to Trey
Don’t care bout money don’t care bout you and don’t need attention
Just wanna look in the mirror see good in my reflection
Cactus Patch I hope you really catch the stuff I mention
I spend my nights in the studio while you’re in detention
And it’s detention in silence if you don’t get the message
My homie asked me what’s your motto you ain’t left a vestige
Uh, I’m ‘bout to leave a body on this beat
Uh, don’t care bout anybody except me
That’s not true but I feel that way sometimes
I get lost in relationships and these millions of rhymes
I get lost in the people that mislead me with their crimes
Abagnale the most adept at persecuting these fines, yeah
So catch me if you can I’m hankering for wits
Your either nothing to me or you’re just the 1 like a bit
I hit the floor like it’s gymnastics and they called out the split
Rappers write a book of fiction every time that they spit, ahh


(Verse 2}:
Man it’s so pitiful you rappers denigrated
The women of this country with lyrics you generated
By snorting up your cocaine and acting like celebrities
Look, I need love do not care ‘bout all your amenities
There’s ten of these, I’m thinking Future and Uzi
It came up on the radio and my momma said who’s he
Think that he is, what does he think that he’s saying
Rap could be better than this
Hope that you know I’m not playing
I’m ‘bout to bill this as an expense for the stress you caused
Feel like I gotta go fix this ‘for the rest is all lost
Uh, then call me Bezos
I’m less concerned with counting pesos
It’s just your name that’s on your grave they don’t write what you made though
I created this from nothing while they morphed it from Play-Doh
Yeah you got Hennessey I’d much prefer some Mango Tango
She wanna call me and tell me what I’m ‘sposed to be doing
There’s only one above me Socrates is pointing to him
Still got the glasses homie says I need to swap ‘em out
Then wait a second cause the beat is finally dropping now


(Verse 3}:
Man it’s so pitiful you people disrespected
People of different races with tweets that you probably texted
I could go pluck an ant from the ground and he probly bested
The super white White House that didn’t work it rested
Look, you like El Chapo
Running through and sinking potholes
You take a break then say you need a break at Mar-A-Lago
Then say you need another break in the tower the top though
And since the moment you stepped in you’ve been a big debacle
List your accomplishments to crickets and that makes us chuckle
But nothing funny ‘bout the way these nukes’ll makes us duck though
Aye, nothing funny ‘bout the way those nukes’ll make us duck though

I pull up like Bill Gates
Bill Gates on ‘em
I pull up like Bill Gates
Bill Gates on ‘em

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