KingDow – Gallivant

Letra “KingDow – Gallivant” Official Lyrics

Get advance, have a stance make a move
Have a plan master man
Feel the groove do a dance on the land
This a tune as you choose, gallivant (x2)

Wake wake up
On another awakenin
Never slow up this is how I’m measuring
Pour up pour up for those who are listening
Glow up glow up drippin as I’m glistening

I’m awaiting for allegiance
Tell me if you understand?
I’m anointed can you see it
This not for comman man

Pre chorus enter

Please oh let me be
Sitting down so free in a tree
With my melody sippin on some tea
Humble bee

Why you mad at me?
Manifesting dreams how I see
You just chose to sleep on your family tragedy

Im just in the back with vanilla girl like a snack
Soft and smooth like silk kissing on my neck in my lap

Dont know how to act look at how she blush
I attract I know who I am this is now the plan I exact

(Hook x2)

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