Kodak Black – Because Of You

Because Of You – Kodak Black Lyrics, Letra:
I see it now, I’m gettin’ tender, y’all (Here we go)
I’m gettin’ tender
Fuck it, I’ma just show this girl another side of me
[?], I love you so much for this

All because of you, I’ma be a better man
Now I wanna do, things I ain’t never did
I’ma open up, and show another side
I ain’t showed no one, I ain’t showed no one, yeah
I ain’t showed no one this side of me
I think I love someone, it mighta be
I wanna trust someone, and finally
I got a crush on one
Show me another side of you, of you girl
What a nigga gotta do for you, love?
Tell me who I gotta be for you baby
I wanna give you all you need on a daily

Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Mm, mm, mm, mm
Ooh, ooh

I took another shot and I get reminiscin’
I been thinkin’ ‘bout that night we was kissin’
I be wantin’ this for life, baby
Come and fuck with me for life, baby, listen
I think about you on this flight right now
I’m tryna figure out what’s the distance
I’m wishin’ me and you was tight right now
I’m tryna figure out what’s the difference
I need someone to hold me down and lift me
I don’t come nobody call, we be shiftin’
Like every time I come in town, they be trippin’
Every time I come around, you get missin’
Why can’t we admit how much we really feel each other?
Why me and my own brothers gotta kill each other?
Hate to see me overcoming be a better man
Turned into a better me so we can be together
Turned into a better me, a better version, of me
I turned to a better me ‘cause you deserve it
I’ma give up the streets because you worth it
Fuckin’ with you how you be, I know you perfect for me
I want you to pray for me, they wish the worsest, on me
You deserve a better me, a better person
You was fucking with me when I was in my worsest
We hit the club, I put the pistol in your purses
‘Cause they don’t really do too much when they be searchin’ you

You see the better in me
You see the better in me
You see the better, everybody see the worsest in me
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