Kxly06 – Fluoride

Letra “Kxly06 – Fluoride” Official Lyrics


Brush my teeth with fluoride
Crushed can’t breathe, got no pride
Let’s take a trip and go ride
Let’s do what is best for me
Angry my mood is so stormy
Every day but I get my sleep
And I know that you don’t adore me
Or at least I think

Everything feels different
I don’t see a difference
I still feel indifferent
Manic I’m ignorant
Everything’s so difficult
Everyone seems so typical
I’m wishing for a miracle
Am I even human


I just wanna cry
In your arms tonight
I don’t even know
Who you are ill find
You one day maybe ill be ur wifey
Try me
I don’t like anyone maybe
You’ll be the one

I hope you will be the one
Who understands the way I think
And I know that it’s gonna be hard
Because I think I’m crazy
And maybe you can help me out
And I will regain sanity
But until the day that I find you
We will never know for sure

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