Kxnite – It Was Never Meant To Be || Dream SMP Original Song

It Was Never Meant To Be || Dream SMP Original Song Lyrics

I remember a story somebody once lived
Of a land full of people who couldn’t forgive
Their memories long and their tempers were bright
And they wanted their freedom, they wanted to fight
They built up their walls, they gave it their all
And they swore to each other their faith wouldn’t fall
But then one of them faltered, the rest were deceived
And he said “It was never meant to be”

The tale continued, and it wasn’t the end
Through a battle, then a duel, then a deal they would win
And the people were happy, the leader was strong
Till a challenger came and the leader was wronged
He was thrown out in exile with one by his side
His symphony taken, he fell to his pride
When the time of redemption came round he could see
And he cried, “It was never meant to be”

Fall, Theseus falls
He’ll lose it all
To the ones who had shattered his
Heart, shattered apart
He’ll pull it apart
Then put it back to the way it had
Started once before With every chapter this story may have
Despite all the hope, fate does not stay her hand
The people took notice and they tried to survive
They rose up against all who had threatened their lives
But one fire was angry and rightfully so
She was battered and bruised from the wrongs of her home
She looked at the flames that she’d set on the tree
She sighed, “It was never meant to be”


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