Lamb Rabbit – The most

Letra “Lamb Rabbit – The most” Official Lyrics

Verse 1: lamb rabbit

I was doing the most
I was feeling the most
I loved you the most
I was doing the most
I was feeling the most
I, i, i…

Never thought i’d be here
Small hands, fingers cold
Lungs hurt, breathe too deep
The shallowness
My soul too grown for all of this
And hard hearts make light work
Of the daily indignities i deal with


Mama said don’t wait too long
Mama said don’t lose your soul
Mama said don’t cry about it
Mama said babe come on home
Just come on home

Verse 2: AKAI SOLO

The dark hole in me ate me whole like a planet following that heat death
Acumen aligned with arceus
God particle always a constant participant
Aye, please don’t part a g like some measly seas
Before leaping to conclusions
Conman try to see it my way
Externals everywhere in disarray
Disasters coded with the colors
Trauma signalled through these code words
Connecting back to this cold world
Sneasel not wise or warm enough
Brody invest in turtlenecks or a turtle’s sense
That’s dollars without the white collars
It’s well spent
Like energy on conversation and confrontation that undoubtedly gotta happen
Shit is irreplaceable
Like this cadence and wordplay
Or as the moments in their best forms

****** wanting people in they worst ways
People who don’t perform
Going way past a breathable norm
Cash rules
Hearts swayed be proving that
I’m the gold that’s how you viewed me showed me

Society be fishy on a loop
That’s the scoop
Without you or what we had I’m off my pivot
Shit true
Not for long though
I’ll be on some other shit before the dawn rise
That’s my word

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