Lantern By Sea – The Stone

The Stone – Lantern By Sea – Letra Lyrics

We were in
Another world
As the rain came down
You held my hands

And the boat landed
Upon a small ledge
Of rock and stone
It’s when your heart had found its home

And I thought we met
But I was wrong
You’re just another scratch
Engraven on my wall

So the storm pours down
And it breaks you to the ground
Now your heart pleads to go with them
All the deity leaving your town

Then you woke up
Inside of a cell
And your heart and lungs were broken
They were pierced by the Hell

And the depth of that well
Is unbearable
For someone of your age
And someone of your grace

And now I am here
Laying on this cold stone

Letras “Lantern By Sea – The Stone” Official Lyrics

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