Lecrae – Self Discovery

Self Discovery – Lecrae Lyrics Letra:
Intro: Michelle Campbell
He was a smart kid, it was always about Lecrae ‘cause he was the baby
We knew he had somethin’ in him, we never expected this though

Verse 1: Lecrae
Now, grandma said we came from Jamaica
Crossed the ocean, ‘til we made it
And my DNA tested said the Westside of the motherland is where they take us from
Um, never met my daddy’s side so I couldn’t tell y’all if I’m Zulu or Xhosa
Couldn’t tell y’all how I be courtside
Or made it this far without a cosign
Of course, I struggled a lot and stayed prayed, prayin’
Unforgettable, Swae Lee, Swae Lee, demons Achilles, KD, KD
Now I’m up, it’s a real life
And when it get real I can feel Christ
Heal this branch on the family tree that was here for me
Man, the roots so deep

Break: Lecrae
Self-discovery (Self-discovery)
Self discover me (Self discover me)
Help uncover me (Help uncover me)
Help me to understand who I’m supposed to be
Not just a wannabe

Sample: James Williams
It’s dangerous over here, this is a dangerous area
Give me money, fool!
Chorus: Lecrae
I’ve seen big pain, big loss, but still been big blessed (Blessed)
All that cap big, big, big, big, big, big, big stress (Stress)
All y’all want big house, big car, big ice, big checks (Checks)
Man, I wish y’all did, did, did, did, did that less

Break: Lecrae, Trip Lee
You ain’t gonna be nothin’, your daddy wasn’t, you ain’t gonna be
I know that he always had, uh, something in him

Verse 2: Lecrae
My little cousin was hittin’ me up, man, I changed all my numbers I never knew
Crazy how digits were causing division, can’t nobody get at the revenue
Seven numbers on a smartphone
Equal cash app the lights on
I get royalties, but I got loyalties, so send a bill, I’ll go half on it
Half black, half unknown
Are we Cherokee or Seminole?
I got PTSD runnin’ through me from my kinfolk
Stress had me going AWOL
Sin got me actin’ Adolf
I’m like “Aye y’all, I need days off, I’m depressed, having brain fog”
It’s obvious, I’m highly blessed
I finally get to understand what a man is when he at his godliest
To get there I was highly stretched and I was highly stressed
Sample: James Williams
I gotta deal with Bloods and Crips, Calvinists and charismatics, black, white, red, brown, y’all ain’t gon’ stress me out

Chorus: Lecrae
I’ve seen big pain, big loss, but still been big blessed (Blessed)
All that cap big, big, big, big, big, big, big stress (Stress)
All y’all want big house, big car, big ice, big
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