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Left Brain – Based Freestyle

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Lyrics, Letras da Musica
Ayy, ayy, ayy
Bitch Mob Mob
Task, Task
Task Force nigga to protect Lil B nigga at all costs nigga
Fuck you niggas

Come to think of it last year I ain’t had no guap
Had to clean the dirty ass floor with a stolen mop
Fuck it bitch yeah I’ma grow my hair out to some locks
(?} on the block (?} listen to Solange
Jadakiss yeah swag made a miss
(?} fuck a (?}
LA nigga, that’s a squad, fuck it
This you might get hit with the, with the, with the
My uncle told me how to get that paper three ways
I hit up lil shorty tell her I want a three way
Tell her (?} hit up Britney
Them hoes is freaky, swear they’re more geeked up than Whitney
I feel like Bobby New Addition, fresh shoes on my feet
(?} I ain’t slept in weeks
Cause I’ve been in the studio to do my (?} beats
808 like earthquake nigga, we gon’ shake the streets
And we ain’t stopping til we copping all the leather seats
Nigga look into my eyes, ain’t no fake in me
And bitch don’t worry bout my money, I’ma make end’s meat

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